On behalf of New Yorks' Fashion industry, America, and our Handbag factory, Manolucci welcomes you with open arms as we explore and
experience this constant evolution of fashion and design that has been taking its course for centuries.
Established in NYC, 1983. Manolucci Handbag + Shoe manufacturing factory has been a source of salvation for many start-up, independent,
and established designers + brands who want to sample, test the limits, and produce in small quantities. Our system of product
development reduces the financial pressures associated with designing a collection or building a brand from scratch. With our main factory
located just 7 minutes outside New York City, our vendors and manufacturing partners which are spread across USA, Europe & Asia - makes
our global reach endless. That sort of flexibility alone is key to surviving in today's market, especially for small businesses. Furthermore,
our production capabilities and quality control always meet the highest of expectations regardless if an item is made of Leather, Fabric,
Gator or other Exotics. We specialize in Luxury High-end goods, and with up to seven pattern and sample makers in house at any given
time, no other factory is faster, no one is more consistent, no one is more reliable and can say they provide the same level of service.
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