handbag factory New York City, USA
                                            Handbag Manufacturing Factory ? USA, Asia?
Established 1983, Manolucci Handbag Factory is one of America's oldest Handbag Manufacturers. No other bag manufacturers can compare to the
experience,  resources, capabilities and wide range of product development, manufacturing and packaging solutions offered under one roof. Manolucci
offers Sampling, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Consulting, Design and so much more. Bo other bag factories come close to the workmanship, or can move as
fast when deadlines need to be met. Here, at the Manolucci bag factory, designers are very "hands-on" during the development and  production process.
We work with Established Designers and Brands, as well as Independent Designers and entrepreneurs. We provide what some consider limitless resources
for all phases of development and production. No factory in America or Europe has similar resources, and no one else has a satellite branch in China, the
Mecca of factories, that offers a flexibility that is unmatched. This gives us the leg up in sourcing, and production no matter the quantity, market or need,
for all our clients. Our factory's work can be seen in many of todays top boutiques, fashion magazines, on celebrities or in a wide variety of department
stores, such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Barney's to name a few. Although, it is recommended you come in and see for yourself why most
Luxury and Commercial brands refuse to use any other manufacturer in America to create anything "less than perfect"...

Contact Us for more information or send us an email with your designs to get you started. After all, perfection is all about reputation...
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